10 Jobs Anyone Can Do to Earn Some Extra Money

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Freelancing is a beautiful thing. Even if you have a great job that you love, there may be a time in your life when you need extra money to pay down debts or make it through a tough time.

Freelancing is a great way to bring in extra cash, and many freelance opportunities require very little skill or special training. Look at the skills available to you and try a few different things before concentrating on one opportunity. If you’re lucky, your freelancing can turn into a new career!

Looking for small business ideas? Here are 10 easy jobs anyone can do to earn extra money.

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Do Some Yard Work

Post a sign at the grocery store, the hardware store, or anywhere else that gets a lot of traffic and lets people know you’re available for hire. Mow lawns, use a weed whacker or do whatever else you’re good at to make some money and save someone else the hassle of maintaining their own yard.

Turn Trash Into Treasure

Pick up some old free furniture on the side of the road when it’s trash day and turn it into something new. Paint, fresh knobs, and minor repairs can make something that was once trash into a treasure. Turn around and sell the piece for a profit.

Babysit Some Local Kids

There’s no shortage of customers for babysitters. If you have time during the day or night, offer your babysitting services to local families. Get families to hire you by brushing up on first aid and CPR before you go looking for gigs. Babysitting rates vary by location, so make sure you do a little homework before setting your prices.

Become A Tutor

Remember how hard math class was in high school? Many students could use some guidance in academics and many parents who can’t help their kids. Instead of leaving mom and dad to figure it out, step up as a tutor to help little Johnny pass his class while making a nice chunk of change on the side. Tutors charge by the hour and often have a steady job throughout the school year.

Take Care Of Someone’s Pets

If you like 4-legged friends, offer your pet sitting and dog walking services to those nearby. Whether the owner will be traveling for a short time or works long hours, you’d be surprised how many people are willing to pay good money to make sure Fido is properly cared for.

Take Your Talents To The Fair

If you have a knack for knitting, bake like a grandmother or can do anything crafty, take your talent and turn it into a money-maker by setting up a booth at the fair. You can easily make hundreds of dollars or more in the course of a single weekend if the fair is busy enough. If you’re making edibles, make sure you check in with local health code requirements.

Snap Some Photos

If you’re good with a camera, start taking photos of wedding parties, receptions, and other events. Get familiar with your equipment and set up an online portfolio of your work. Do the first couple of jobs for free or just for the cost of gas, and you’ll quickly have a nice portfolio of your work to show potential clients.

Teach Something

Maybe you can play the piano or knit. Perhaps you take really great photos or cook better than anyone else around. Whatever your talent is, offer up classes and make some money on the side. Talk with your local library or community center about setting up classes and finding students.

Do Someone’s Errands For Them

If you’re going out anyway, why not do someone else’s errands too and make a little money on the side? Offer a ride to senior citizens or take them to the grocery store with you. You can drop off dry cleaning and packages without adding too much time to your normal errands. Put up flyers around town and on craigslist to find clients.

Become A Social Media Guru

You’re on Facebook all day anyway, so why not turn your addiction into a job? Offer up your expertise to businesses as a social media expert. Write blog posts, Facebook posts, Tweets, and other messages to stay active on the web and maintain their customer base. A social media guru can charge around $150 per month or set up a per-post fee.

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